Deletes RSS articles


<# .Synopsis Deletes RSS articles .Description Removes articles from the RSS store .Parameter Article [Required] Specifies the articles to delete. Enter article objects, such as those returned by Get-Article or feed objects, such as those returned by Get-Feed. You can also pipe article or feed objects to Remove-Article .Parameter Force Suppresses the prompt. By default, Remove-Article prompts you before deleting the RSS feed. .Example $article = Get-Article | where {$_.title –like "*politics*" } Remove-Article $article .Example $feed = Get-Feed "Windows PowerShell Blog" Remove-Article -Article $feed .Example # Deletes articles from the Windows PowerShell Blog that are more than 3 months old. Get-Article –feed "Windows PowerShell Blog" | Where-Object { $_.Modified –le (get-date).addmonths(-3)} | Remove-Article .Notes Remove-Article deletes articles, but does not unsubscribe from an RSS feed. To unsubscribe, use Remove-Feed. The Remove-Article function is exported by the PSRSS module. For more information, see about_PSRSS_Module. The Remove-Article function uses the Items property of Microsoft.FeedsManager objects. .Link Get-Article .Link Get-Feed .Link Remove-Feed .Link "Windows RSS Platform" in MSDN http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms684701(VS.85).aspx .Link "Microsoft.FeedsManager Object" in MSDN http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms684749(VS.85).aspx #> param( # The output from Get-Feed or Get-Article [Parameter(ValueFromPipeline=$true)] [ValidateScript({ $_.PSObject.TypeNames[0] -eq "System.__ComObject#{79ac9ef4-f9c1-4d2b-a50b-a7ffba4dcf37}" -or $_.PSObject.TypeNames[0] -eq "System.__ComObject#{33f2ea09-1398-4ab9-b6a4-f94b49d0a42e}" })] [__ComObject] $Article, # If Set, will not prompt the user to continue [Switch]$Force ) process { $typeName = $_.PSObject.TypeNames[0] switch ($TypeName) { "System.__ComObject#{33f2ea09-1398-4ab9-b6a4-f94b49d0a42e}" { # Feed $article.Items | ForEach-Object { if (-not $Force) { if (-not $psCmdlet.ShouldContinue( $_.Parent.Name + '-' + $_.Title, "Remove Article?" )) { return } } $article.Delete() } } "System.__ComObject#{79ac9ef4-f9c1-4d2b-a50b-a7ffba4dcf37}" { # Article if (-not $Force) { if (-not $psCmdlet.ShouldContinue( $Article.Parent.Name + '-' + $Article.Title, "Remove Article?" )) { return } } $article.Delete() } } }


Removes articles from the RSS store


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