DOTNET Scripting Host (DSH) - Version History
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Autor: Holger Schwichtenberg , zur Start Page [German]

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Version Date Remark
0.5 5.9.2002 first public beta version
1.0 24.10.2002 Version 1.0 is published as part of the German book  "Windows Scripting, 3. Auflage"
1.1 19.11.2002

The DSH now supports:

  • Messages in English or German
  • Remoting with HTTP/SOAP
  • Documentation available in English now
  • More Samples

Version 1.1 is published in the German computer magazine "iX" No. 01/2003

1.1.3 6.1.2003

Two Bugs fixed:

  • Logging now works without the use of //v
  • A referenced assembly must only be found in the same directory where dsh.exe is. 

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